Every one of us is created for fellowship and desires to be part of a loving community. At WICC, we create avenues for fellowship through various carecell groups that are tailored for all ages. These carecells are designed for fun, fellowship and
reflection on the Word of God.

We have different carecells operating both online & offline:
Men’s Carecell, Women’s Carecell, Young Men’s Carecell, Young Women’s Carecell, Family and Couples’ Carecell

Junior Church

The Junior Church at WICC is all about making Christ known and celebrated among the children. Here, our children experience God through songs, stories, group  interactions, fun activities and bible studies.

The teachers and volunteers are committed to pouring out the love and knowledge of Christ into the children and equipping them to fulfil God’s great calling on their lives.


Prayer is the real strength and life of any church. The presence and power of God working in people’s lives is always because
of praying people that fuel revival.

Intercessors at WICC are such a group of people, passionate to see revival by praying for the needs of the people and the land.

Now Youth Group

NOW is a gathering of young people that envisions bringing out the God potential in the youth of this generation. Many young people are looking for someone to believe in them, help them and guide them.

The NOW team is passionate to enable youths to discover their divine destinies by encountering “The Way”, for there is No Other Way but Jesus!


God has uniquely designed men to lead at home, in the church and in other places as a model of Christ. But our generation needs men to reflect the purpose, responsibility
and authority that true manhood carries, which comes from Christ.

The men at WICC connect together to learn about this true manhood, thus becoming better husbands, fathers and the men God desires them to be.


God has created women with a unique design and purpose. He desires them to experience and demonstrate His love in
their spheres of influence — the home, the workplace or in society.

The GLOW women’s ministry at WICC seeks to help women realise this by loving & obeying God.